Session Information

Day 2: Key event Theme: Transforming our Way of Living

Youth perspectives on promoting green economy in South and Central Asia: Options and opportunities

Dr. Madhav Karki, International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), Nepal; Prof. Michael H. Glantz, University of Colorado Boulder, USA; Mr. Tek Jung Mahat, ICIMOD/Asia Pacific Mountain Network (APMN), Nepal; Mr. Dhiraj Pradhananga, The Small Earth Nepal, Nepal; Mr. Jeeban Panthi, The Small Earth Nepal, Nepal

The Royal Society’s Report: "People and the Planet, a comprehensive review of the science". This is the first of two linked sessions on the interaction of demography and climate change.

Session content:
The changing world is trying to shift towards the low carbon or green economy and South and Central Asian mountain areas or the Hindu Kush-Himalaya (HKH)-Pamir has lots of opportunities with its largely agrarian and natural resources-based economy. The vital ecosystem services of the mountain regions are facing serious impacts of climate change and there is a huge gap in scientific understanding as there is limited data and information available. Researchers, especially the youth lack capacity, knowledge, networking skills and financial resources to enable them to work effectively. Likewise, poverty remains a key driver posing serious threat in harnessing opportunities evolving in the context of green economy. Young scientists have power to change, which is possible only if we develop an enabling environment with better education, exposure and linkages. Therefore this session aims to offer a right platform to capture and share youth concerns in order to promote links between science, policy and industry.

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