Session Information

Day 1: State of the Planet • Theme: Meeting Global Needs

State of the Coastal Zone

Joan Nymand Larsen, Stefansson Arctic Institute and University of Akureyri,, Iceland; Alice Newton, NILU-CEE, Norway

Session content:
In light of the "Planetary boundaries" concept, (Rockstrom et al 2009 Nature 461, 472-475), the session will provide a comprehensive update of pressures affecting global coastal zones and people, as well as future perspectives. Social and economic indicators will also be introduced and explored. Coastal systems that are hotspots of socio-economic development and vulnerability will be used to illustrate ecosystem services, their role in food, water and energy security, climate and land-use drivers, biodiversity loss and planetary thresholds.

Case studies illustrating observed pressures will emphasize implications of environmental changes for societies, cultural heritage, values and belief systems. The concept will be tested for a variety of settings, contrasting the situation in developed and developing economies. These coastal "Hotspots" will include "Arctic coasts", "Urbanized coasts and Megacities", "Islands at risk", and "River mouths". Arctic coastal communities will provide the setting for exploring vulnerability, resilience, and options for adaptation to global change impacts. River mouth systems will look at deltas at risk while the megacities in the coastal zone will focus on implications of coastal urbanization. The islands at risk hotspot will address these critically threatened mini Earth systems and their inhabitants. The outcomes of the session will contribute to the LOICZ- Land-ocean interactions in the coastal zone synthesis. There are links to various other sessions such as "New strategies for defining planetary boundaries".

Target Audiences: Earth system scientists interested in interdisciplinary approaches NGOs and CSOs, development agencies, urban and marine spatial planning) Decision makers, science communicators, industry (energy , mining, shipping)

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