Young Scientists/Youth Programme

Youth and Young Scientists Events and Activities at Planet Under Pressure 2012

The Planet under Pressure conference provided opportunities for Youth and Young Scientists and Researchers to meet up during the conference, both physically through organised activities at the ExCeL conference venue, through partnership with 150 Science and Technology Centres across the world, and virtually through viewing the conference on-line and interacting through the Young Scientists/Youth Forum.

Students presenting at the conference

On Day 1 of the conference, a group of high school students taking part in the UK Voice of Youth Project, gave a Plenary Presentation session and submitted 10 questions to the conference to be considered.

Throughout the Planet Under Pressure conference, a group of young scientists and researcher delegates scheduled meetings, created a blog, and developed the Planet Under Pressure Young Delegate Statement that was presented in the closing plenary session on Day 4 by one of the group representatives Pamela Collins.

Pam Collins

Several young scientists and researchers were also invited to take part as members to the plenary panel sessions and also to chair, convene, and present breakout sessions. Many more young scientists, researchers, and professionals from a variety of sustainably focused disciplines including business and policy attended as delegates at the venue and viewed the sessions live on the Internet.

If you missed Planet Under Pressure, you can still view the plenary sessions and The Daily Planet news show. They are available on demand at the following links:

Below is a summary of Youth and Young Scientists events that took place:

  • Sunday, March 25: Meet-and-greet at the Mezzanine Excel, with welcome talk from Mark Stafford-Smith and Lidia Britto, the Conference Co-Chairs.
  • Monday, March 26, morning: Plenary presentation Voice of Youth High School Student representatives
  • Monday, March 26: Voice of Youth poster exhibition throughout the day
  • Monday, March 26: First YoDeCom blog planning meeting, Mezzanine Excel
  • Monday, March 26, afternoon: Draft editing meeting
  • Tuesday, March 27: Second YoDeCom planning meeting, Mezzanine Excel
  • Tuesday, March 2, afternoon: Draft editing meeting
  • Tuesday, March 27: YoDeCom dinner, Indian restaurant, Docklands
  • Wednesday, March 28: YoDeCom General Assembly to finalise statement
  • Wednesday, March 28: Draft editing meeting
  • Wednesday, March 28: Statement submitted to conference organisers
  • Thursday, March 29: Warwick Junior Commission poster exhibition on energy usage and consumption throughout the day
  • Thursday, March 29: Presentation of final Statement to entire conference at closing plenary session by Pamela Collins


Planet Under Pressure Youth Statement

UK Voice of Youth Plenary Presentation to all conference delegates

Ten Questions posed by UK Voice of Youth to the conference to be considered

Youth Scientist Planet Under Pressure YoDeCom blog

Pamela Collins “Guest” Blog post for the Conference Blog about her experience at Planet Under Pressure

Planet Under Pressure Young Scientist/Youth Forum

Working in the corridor The audience

Young delegates with Lidia Brito of UNESCO Young delegates working Youth delegates

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